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climate is

opportunity to attack us
Is not it? "
    Among these mountains will be a monster to be theCheap MBT Shoes  basic things people are to be the tone, the first changes into the hearts of people to let down our guard or even the appearance of desire, or becomes white, or into a box full of treasure, or handsome men and beautiful girls, luring them close to the hook, and then betrays itself to attack.
    Roland stood easily cloudy side, after staring a moment, said: "No, that has always been human." Genuine.
    Although identified as human, but they still do not hurry around the three, only the front steps, looked up and down more carefully.
    For easy to cloudy, the human monster is sometimes more than the risk of the mountains, particularly the man went so far as language can safely enter the dragon mountain hinterland, further to the side shows its strength.
    Must first determine that the person is not white teeth slip through the net. This point can not tell from the outside, although mercenary group, but there is no uniform white teeth as a member of uniform, two states will not face their own identity.
    Secondly, it must determine that the person is asleep or in the bunk.
    Whether the former or the latter, we need close to check it.
    Roland made a commutation cloudy gesture came up check it out yourself, so easy to spot waiting for Flanders and Lin Qi, if there is nothing wrong with them or act according to circumstances. He quietly approached the man side of the trunk in one hand and Zuanjin dagger, is planning to bend over to put the sword out of the man ... ...
    A blue ground lightning, cold during the day to shoot.
    Roland also maintains a semi-lean ground position, holding Qi Lin Yi cloudy step back, and had people lying on the ground as if asleep, then lay still, but his powerful right arm held up a slender, long grip sword tip accurately arrived at Roland throat.
    Something that only a brief moment, even more than one-tenth of a second even shorter.
    Roland bent over, the man quickly drew his sword and thrusts, Lin Yi Qi protect cloudy back preparedness, the three almost simultaneous, where the man drew his sword and speed, fast as lightning flint.
    The man did not stand up, only to lay on the ground, his sword firmly withstood the thieves by the throat, showing a strange blue eyes cold, he stared at the Roland, thin lips smacks her voice hoarse after the issue: "Who are you?"
    The sharp tip was off to the cold, but exposed professional-style Roland smile, he gently lowered Baile Bai hand, or even simply put aside the knife: "Please do not worry, we just saw you sleep on the floor, want to make sure your identity, does not mean anything. "After the other since the first stroke of the sword did not kill him within, which means that room changed again.
    Downcast eyes, Roland glanced blue sword wrapped in black body twisted pattern, mouth emerges a faint smile: "Well, the lady behind me was a noble young man and I was her entourage, with access to the dragon language mountains, hoping to explore the remains of the dragon, but very unfortunately, along the way, found nothing, but met you, Green Knight. "
    The end of words, he quietly points out each other's identity.
    Green Knight slightly Yi Zheng, such as pondering the words of Roland is true or false, after a moment, he closes his eyes, as if suddenly been taken away arm strength in general, with a sword clenched together with a bang landing.
    Erase the neck of the Xuezhu, Roland crouch down to check the status of Green Knight, can not stop smile smile: "He fainted over."
Chapter one hundred fourteen former Dragon Rider
    From Roland mouth, easy to learn the Green Knight cloudy identity.
    The Green Knight, called repair? Brad was Rick? Augustus, is a very well-known figure on the mainland, called the pledge sword in his hand the sword, blade showing uniform blue, Jianji slightly thick, in location near the hilt, there is a twisted black vines wrapped around cross-shaped pattern, which is his signature weapon.
    Because of its appearance and weapons, repair is called Green Knight, he had called with an empty Cang Long months of signing a contract, is the only continent, one of the four Dragon Rider.
    But now, you should call him, the former Dragon Rider.
    Most intimate partners have been killed, had the glory of fall quietly, but always wipe the repair is still as a two-edged sword, even in his sleeping when the body can still feel about revealing the edge.
    Purple hair thieves comments: "to save him?"
    Answer is yes.
    Roland from the backpack took out a pear-shaped Yin Ping, break apart and Green Knight bloodless lips, dumping a bottle of viscous yellow liquid to the irrigation of some young knight, and then feed a little water, until they stand up.
    Viscous liquid that is to collect sugar maple sap boiled into maple syrup, usually when the sugar water to drink and easy cloudy or desserts, but at this time came in handy. Green Knight too long because of starvation led to poor health, to give him some sugar intake, can quickly add energy.
    This is the Roland accumulated experience in life.
    Soon, Blue Knight Cang blue eyes open slowly, at first sight to see. Gaze is focused on black girl face to tender. The little girl looks, but seven years old, faces delicate beauty, slender hands and feet soft.
    The girl he was stunned for a moment ... .... See purpleMBT Shoes Sale  hair next to the youth, he remembered what happened before fainting.
    Qi Lin in the sweep, the Green Knight is easy to look back upon cloudy. Coldly says: "Thank you." Then he and eyes closed rest.
    Adjusted for a moment physical state, the Green Knight repair slowly sat up and took the Roland delivery to the meat and water, carefully chew and swallow.
    Flanders has been quiet easy to look at him, until he looks full, before softly asked: "Excuse me, your access to the dragon mountains words. Is for anything at all? Perhaps we can help out."
    Her soft tender voice, in speaking soft words appeared to be very polite. Originally thought it was a repair because of his wayward followers to a rash of forced adventure arrogant girl, easy to cloudy to hear the questioning, slightly Yizheng, he do not like talking to anyone, but saved his eyes, after all, even if that trouble. But still authentic school of calm: "There is nothing special, I just want to see where common people long."
    Cang his mouth, the dragon is dead partner Cang peak months.
    The face of such a face without expression, easy to cloudy for a time you could not tell his remark is true, to see him fairly cooperative attitude, we asked a number of other issues. Just look at the face on the meal. For every problem is easy cloudy. Repair as much as possible to the answer: he has access to the dragon mountains words a month, from the mountains southeast of the dragon comes to language. They are not easily cloudy with a direction.
    He did not bring enough food, without their own cooking, even worse, the long mountain range in the language, not a living creature will be able to eat a lot of plants and animals with toxins, repair like Roland has extensive knowledge as and experience to identify toxic substances, or through the side door approach to drugs, and only the most stupid way, each time eating, they must first wait for a few only to the body of Warcraft drug test to determine the problem did not begin eating. Although not toxic, but this led him hungry two meals at least three meals a day and a half, two weeks down, will the case.
    Green Knight living example of the plain iron clank, indicating that, away from home, carry an encyclopedia such as the Roland universal life and how important hand.
    Long before the Dragon Knight dignified language into the mountains, actually not because of fighting with the powerful monster killed, but because of hunger and almost go to hell, the thing that is very humiliating, but the amendment say to time, look natural, not in the least embarrassed embarrassed, as if it is common for the same.
    Talking about the experiences of these days, repair is easy Cang blue eyes look cloudy, succinctly said: "I owe you a life, and will repay." Cloudy from Roland is easy to say that the three men make decisions in real man, he dialogue directly with her, for if he does not say, his life-saving grace in mind, and will return to action.
    He places implies that the others keep up easily break cloudy.
    In fact, to the situation now, along with an easy to cloudy and others, but is the best choice, not only can no longer hungry, but also look after each other, but the Green Knight did not mind if ask for the string of natural, life-saving way to eat rice , thanked the help of grace, to help Enron planned to leave.
    Easy cloudy so he had intended to propose to walk together, the results of hand, so to the "kindness without saying thank" "till we meet again" this is the case, she had to take the initiative to remove the letter handed over to Roland: "Before the walk, can can you see a letter for? "
    Levy and Eric, the two men have their own personal connections, for easy to become cloudy after people living in the human world, have made their own arrangements. Wind is in the final destination, they find their collusion to take care of a responsible person easy to cloudy, and personally wrote letters, so easy to reach places cloudy after they handed over to the appropriate people.
    Eric's choice of which is in front of the Green Knight.
    Repair and Eric know, he has not called Green Knight, with their swords under the tutelage of a teacher, can be regarded as fellow, but when learning the sword, the two are not together, but the presence of each other, know each other . Eric was wandering the Quartet, has been looking for repair, but for various reasons missed.
    This fellow never met, but some of the world, some people do not necessarily have to see it to understand, just as Eric write directly entrusted to take care of repairs and easy cloudy, and after reading the letter, as revised , then neatly folded away, a simple one word answer: "Good."
    Eric he accepted the trust, to take care of the girl in front.
    Amendment agreed to hear, easy to cloudy relieved, she looked straight standing quietly Green Knight, the man with Eric similar body, a very different temperament, Eric is also a fencing master, but not repair this way, Whether standing or sitting, the people are rather like a sword.
    Zhebing blue sword, though cold and sharp, but not aggressive dazzling light.
    As promised to take care of easy to cloudy, repair also know that not make the three men to follow their own language in the long run around the mountains, but with three of the trip.
    As a result, it becomes easy to cloudy line of four people, of course, one of which is long fake.
    After another half a month, four out of the dragon finally home, finally knocking the mountains behind, the purple hair sigh of relief issued by thieves.
    Although the mountain to the dragon first language is his proposal, but the many dangers in the mountains, filled with ubiquitous coercion, so that the spirit of his time in a tense state, until now, can finally be considered completely relaxed.
    Roland Long wait for words immediately away from the mountains, but is easy to turn cloudy, will be looked for a long time, then her green mountain toward the town of powerhouse bow for the ceremony.
    Few months, she received a very precious thing, and will not abandon.
    That is not the wealth of the secular sense, chest pendant gold jewelry collection, but the most minor of harvesting.
    Walk on foot to nearby villages and towns, four bought a carriage, still driven by Roland, but it is kind of a hurry and can not come when compared to the relaxed, moving slowly toward the distant wind all.
Case of chapter one hundred and fifteen refresher foreign land, dead
    Naiqie Si. Wind all.
    Time just entering the early summer, but the wind is at least three quarter of the year are blowing wind, sailed into the breeze, the climate is very pleasant.
    Canaan Academy of white walls, the roads are clean and pure, a brown-gray carriage pulled out of the corner from a distance, the wheels slowly roll over the Founder of the Qingyan brick floor, a mellow the Qing Xiang.
    Planted along both sides of lush green trees, bright sun in the left two refreshing shade.
    Gakuen colored outside the store, more than MBT Shoes Clearancehalf are in the lunch break, standing in the doorway of a shop assistant cleaning the carriage to see the road, could not help but stare curiously.
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human resources

 Fausto had come can imagine, first, to thank YangMBT Shoes Sale  Ying's troops wiped out the evil of the big capitalists, the second is

to pay out the promise of Yang Ying, open food banks and arsenals, so that full development of the resistance up, wait until

the Portland mercenary group to leave the rebels to recapture when the Toronto Star, allowing the resistance has enough

capacity for resistance.
    Ying Yang promised when the resistance as long as the large industrial city in all of those evacuation is completed. Lan

mercenary group waiting to destroy all rebel arsenal, arsenal will be open and food library.
    Fausto see Yang Ying refused to open two warehouses now, it the second best and hope that a group of food and re-arms aid

to the armed forces workers to restore the original size and morale. His argument is that the armed workers have lost their

factory. Will be the resistance of the right-hand man, to fight the rebels make a great contribution to the cause.
    Ying Yang promised last food assistance, but refused to provide weapons, the reason is very simple. Now the planet has

been no large scale of the enemy, to do what so many weapons? Workers armed with weapons ambitions would be expanded. Atlanta

mercenary group might look unhappy, and will target the riots mercenary group heads to Atlanta.
    If Fausto can not control the armed workers. So there is no reason for the armed workers demanded weapons. If Fausto can

control the armed workers, then more can not be weapons to them, Fausto I will be the biggest problem.
    Fausto failed to persuade Yang Ying, only take food away, while the evacuation of major cities in Canada.
    The next few days, Yang Ying Thirteen people dispersed to large factories in handling the machine, be added to the family

of floating territory who is 6, the machine can build space ships. There are battle droid assembly line production machine,

not the volume itself is a small town, some as big as, if not only need to touch the Young Eagle will be able to put

something large floating in 6, I am afraid to disassemble into parts, to take a few days.
    When removed an arsenal, Yang Ying will leave a low-yield mini-nuclear bomb, and so altruistic after all the withdrawal,

to detonate, so that elimination of their nuclear explosion evidence of the machine removed.
    This evening, mad to have to write a chapter! ! ! , As more information on how funeral, please visit 6, sections of more

support, and supporting genuine reading
Fought in the body of five hundred and seventieth eight chapters
    Pan-Chinese Network City from the northern suburbs, war. Four days have passed, during those four days. Palpitate stunned

most capital dozens of the most abundant family was Yang Ying copying at home, no one can hide under the covers off, the

entire planet was under surveillance included Yang Ying, both heaven and earth. They have no place to hide.
    Ying Yang did not kill them, but under house arrest. Most of these people are not the heads of their family home, and

killed no use, their families back at any time to find the location of people who replace them, so the play set is the Young

Eagles and other family sent their ransom to redeem their lives.
    Of course, he caught a few of the house-level figures, including the Toronto Star's most prominent family of a Toronto

family home owners, can the planet's name as a surname, it is clear the status of the family is unusual, but asked Yang Ying

Yi Deni know. Toronto is not the family name with the planet as a surname, but the planet, using surnames as a Toronto family

    Toronto Star, this is a Toronto family, the ancestors of the first when the explorer is now, and as the first pioneers of

the planet, Toronto family roots firmly rooted in the center of the planet, all walks of life and more London family's

shadow, but also the Duke was granted the royal title, they are truly the king of the planet.
    Large private army in the capitalist camp, half of the family from Toronto, and the new barracks garrison the planet

being destroyed Atlanta mercenary group has more or less before the Toronto inside the family of two agents, northern suburb

of China's underground fortress Network and the ease of the next channel, but also the family name in Toronto industry.
     Potential fully play out, had plenty in my mind countless tactics. But the enemy can not hit, could not be used
    The enemy fleet, then stop using the space jump. Own fighter forces to be forever following them, the enemy free to

transfer, in unnecessary consumption of the patient movement, morale and energy, as originally thought it would want to

struggle up impossible unless the enemy commander committed low-level error, so that one's own struggle up the fighter force,

but the possibility of this kind of thing students really very slim.
    Nan looked at the red light beam of a severely scored their fleet, a battleship was sunk before his eyes. There are

affiliated with a panic voice kept shouting eliminate invisible enemy is one's own aircraft. The commander mind Antan heard,

if not the enemy fleet that is only three hundred succeed, I am afraid their fleet has been wiped out. This is no hope of

fighting, or as soon as possible to stop it.
    He ordered the surrender to the signal net, and suddenly a communication connection to the bridge of his, the bridge

automatically open the main screen, looks like a rock above the emergence of a figure, who is a Ku Sita.
    Antan soon rebel commander, who is the star of this Ku Sita highlighted in the task at all costs to protect his security

people, and he also was ordered to escort a fleet transport fleet, but unfortunately there is no guarantee they now have

their own , but also protect others playing it, is MBT Shoes Clearance somewhat insufficient.
    Ku Sita from the star people and the environment that matched the standing posture, and a pair full of spiritual power to

force people to make the whole. Bridge trembling fear of the officers are the eyes of view, who apparently is also a master

of the peak of the third level.
    "I have been watching the battle from outer space. Unfortunately, the results are not satisfactory to see. Flynn of the

Republic of the fighting is very disappointing to me." Star big man from the Ku Sita said coldly.
    "Can you give any better advice?. Rebel commanders did not like his attitude, but I know not to offend him.
    "No." Ku Sita star denied to very simply, "I do not ask you to win Portland mercenary group, I just need you again

delaying them a standard, let me take off to the transport fleet."
    "A standard time?" Rebel commander frowned, which he and his fleet is too long a little.
    "We have a very deep with the Earth's seasons, I'm not sure Atlanta mercenary group will make way for us, so you have to

fight out this time." Ku Sita Road Star who can not be rejected. "I do not want to hear any ideas shirk. You should know as a

soldier is the first task, imposing two thousand three hundred warships and beat people, humiliating enough, what do you want

an excuse to avoid you responsibility? Think about it, you are now in addition to pin down the enemy with a number of

outside, what can you do? "
    Rebel commander's hand tightly clenched fist, grip strength is so great, that even a gold mesh stone, he'll crush: "Well!

We get you a quarter of the standards of the time!" "This on the point, people seem reluctant star Ku Sita time to waste,

like, directly off the communication.
    Eyes Nudeng rebel commander, looked around the bridge of a Ran, shouted: "keep on fighting."
    The next fifty minutes, Howard transferred only to a fleet, so that the rebel commander sent a twenty thousand fighters

rushed. Air, again and again using both large and artillery to attack rebel fleet. Yamato Gun Charge only need fifteen

minutes. Howard to let the fleet, but now carried out four attacks on it.
    The reason they transferred in five minutes only once, because the rebels have stopped sending their fighters to the

intent of entanglement, because the loss of fleet too.
    Ying Yang Thirteen people have already joined together. A total of one hundred fifty-six floating guns, two thousand one

hundred eighty-four muzzle, together with thirty-nine beam deflection wings and belly shot each one, each with phantom

fighters have three, instead of conventional Lou shot gun position, the power of the equivalent of five drill shot gun, it

really is the upper and lower body are the muzzle, without a joint enemy hands, the rebels killed four Large cluster.
    When the rebel fighters lost when the number reached fifty thousand. Hang on rebel commander had to make choices, he

recalled all the fighter units, so arranged in spherical battle fleet in place, stretched all the anti-aircraft fire, by

anti-aircraft guns and twenty thousand ships shield to withstand the specter of aircraft attacks. But they suffered a few

hard ** and artillery bombardment, heavy casualties.
    Ying Yang, and Howard just felt strange why the war without fighting the rebels, back and reclaim time. Suddenly came the

intelligence observer, said the Toronto Star has a large transportation fleet is
    Sorry, wrote half of some stuck, and today a chapter meeting tomorrow, female For more on how funeral, please visit 6

muscles. Sections of more support, and supporting genuine reading!
Chapter five hundred and seventy second text block transport ship
    Yet so civilized, process capability is far ordinary people want they want. Construction on the ship of muscle was spared

on the magnificent, Toronto Star as an industrial planet, this ambitious project a few.
    Hanaoka currency relying endless sea to the east, this time in a place two hundred kilometers from the shore, the weather

was sunny, placid sea. But suddenly, the calm is broken.
    Dull rumble came from the seabed to the top of the sea began to violently shock, many were suddenly thrown from one wave,

one wave after wave, five meters, ten meters, fifteen meters, twenty meters, steadily rising, spreading toward the four weeks

to go.
    The center of the rough sea, a huge shadow under the sea surface, and with the waves rise, its outlines more clearly.

Looks like an island, is close to the sea.
    The first smoke of the sea is a steeple, with the spire of the rise, there are several buildings on top of floating out

of a building and then a further 6 added the surface of the sea, and finally reveal a piece of flat ground.
    This is just a whole city! A great city fall from the sea up!
    The city's ground continues to rise until nearly ten meters above the sea, and stopped to rise, the remnants of the edge

of water to the cities from the end of the ground into the sea, looks like a Road curtain, beautiful.
    A minute later, the sea completely out of the city. All the ground has revealed.
    Finished floating city!
    Then, the city raised a fleet, ships nearly dry space transport ship from megaton every corner of the city to take off.

These carriers have been loaded, the ship is filled with major companies on the Toronto Star Star honor Ku Sita's gift, all

refined through a variety of rare minerals.
    Observer all this made into optical images. Young Eagle to the number on the plane and the Beast. Ying Yang by fighter

planes in the Guang Ping saw all this, the observer also used a multi-scan perspective outside the armored transport ship,

the cargo on board display in the Young Eagle and the owner of the bridge monster numbers
    "These traitors, dare to do such a thing to" our human resources Flynn stars were handing Ku Sita, it is Zuigaiwansi! "
    Had detected transactions on the Toronto Star, Howard called on the people to Yi Deni bridge. To prepare for counseling,

she saw the Toronto Star on the whole body shaking with anger after the students, pointing to the screen teeth, wait for them

from the big capitalists and ripped a piece of meat.
    Many of these rare minerals in the MBT Shoes original transaction Flynn Kingdom legislation does not permit the sensitive

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